Emotional intelligence starts with the power of calm

NuCalm technology helps users feel more calm, patient, and present.

Flying, invisibility, x-ray vision, and teleportation are made-up superpowers. Calm is not only possible but also what real heroes are made of.

Calm might be defined as the absence of negative emotions like fear, nervousness, panic, or anger. Emotional intelligence starts with the power of calm. Whether a person is a professional athlete looking to make the big play, a corporate leader looking to make a big decision, or a parent looking to raise a child, the superpower of calm is empowering in the most crucial moments.

No one knows this better than president and CEO Jim Poole of the company NuCalm. NuCalm has patented, a clinically-proven technology that helps people tap into the power of calm.

The opposite of calm living is stressful living. We all deal with stress in our lives, and therefore, it can seem unavoidable. However, stress is life-diminishing — even life-threatening.

NuCalm is a new technology delivered through an app that attaches a bio-signal processing disc to the forearm. Users listen to patented neuro acoustic software through a pair of headphones, which neutralizes stress and brings about relaxation and calm.

NuCalm is a technology that Tony Robbins wrote about in his latest book “Life Force.” The technology is used by the U.S. military, doctors, and professional athletes. NuCalm used to be an FDA Class III medical device sold to doctors for $6,000, but now this technology is available to the public for less than a couple of dollars a day.

“People want and need to feel centered and grounded, to be in control of their emotions, to be patient and present in their lives,” Poole said. “This all starts with the brain health that can be reached through NuCalm. This technology has been proven to stop the stress response and boost your energy, brain, and body endurance.”

Losing our tempers can be a sign of emotional immaturity. But it can also mean that a person is missing important things in their life. Eating well, exercising, and sleeping are ways to keep from having outbursts. “We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to the things that happen to us, and it’s those responses that will determine our quality of life,” said Poole.

Sure, a person may have the skills to accomplish a task, but doing it under pressure can be much more difficult.

ER doctors, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders are all trained to be calm. This can be a learned attribute that can also be developed through regular practice and treatment. That’s what NuCalm is – practice and treatment that strengthens a person’s ability to be calm.

NuCalm treatments have been on display at events like Super Bowl week, Communication Electronic Systems (CES) in Vegas, the Toronto Film Festival, PubPubCon, and the ESPY Awards.

Visit Nucalm.com for more information about the biosignal processing disc. There is an assortment of patented neuro acoustic software tracks for users to choose from, plus testimonial videos and scientific data.

Whether it’s by using NuCalm or some other method, know that calm is the superpower most obtainable and most valuable in the triggering, stressed-out world we live in today.

Story by David T. Fagan, Top Talent Agency

NuCalm creates calm
NuCalm is a technology that helps users be calm

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