During times of stress, illness, and lack of a complete diet, our body can often do with a helping hand to stay on top of things.

Geelong Restorative’s Vitamin Health Bar offers a wide range of injectables, which are a quick and easy way to boost wellness, especially when paired with NuCalm

These are not limited to those listed below and can be tailored to your individual needs, so if you are unsure which vitamin to choose, please book a discovery call with Sally to discuss. Vitamin products not seen on the menu can be made to order via our compound pharmacist (For example: glutamine or selenium.)

Current Menu

B Complex Shot

A multi-B injection may provide the energy boost and bounce you need for your busy day-to-day life. (Not to be used in conjunction with other Vitamin B medicines.)

Lip-Saver Shot

This Lysine and Vitamin C shot aims to help prevent cold sores during times of stress and low immune function.

B12 Shot

Your doctor may recommend B12 if you are anaemic or low in iron. B12 is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in red blood cell formation, energy levels, nerve function, and mood.

Tranquility Shot

Magnesium and GABA-based, the Tranquility Shot may assist with calming nerves, reducing stress, and relaxing muscles, while keeping you mentally sharp. Tranquility shots are the perfect GABA top-up in between NuCalm sessions.

Biotin Shot

Possible benefits of Vitamin B7 (Biotin) are hair-loss prevention and promotion of hair growth and elasticity. Biotin may also assist in skin care, and strengthening brittle nails and can work in partnership with cosmetic injectables. (Available only as a four-pack)


NAD+ is a co-enzyme found in all living cells within the body which decreases as we age, affecting the body's natural ability to repair itself. NAD is vital for repairing and protecting DNA, gene expression, maintaining mitochondrial function, chromosomal integrity and preservation and more, so these are the possible benefits of this shot. NAD has been called the anti-aging molecule due to the many important roles it plays in promoting cellular health. Allow 20 minutes if this is your first time with NAD+