During times of stress, illness, and lack of a complete diet, our body can often do with a helping hand to stay on top of things.

Geelong Restorative’s Vitamin Health Bar offers a wide range of injectables. As the seasons and needs of our clients change, so too will our menu. We will be introducing new products periodically. However, if there is something you cannot see on our menu, please reach out and discuss your individual needs. We are only too happy to help.

Current Menu

B Complex Shot
A multi-B injection may provide the energy boost and bounce you need for your busy day-to-day life.
(Not to be used in conjunction with other Vitamin B medicines.)
Biotin Shot
Vitamin B7 (Biotin) is well known for prevention of hair loss as well as promotion of hair growth and elasticity. Biotin may also assist in skin care, and strengthening brittle nails and is fabulous in partnership with cosmetic injectables.
(Available only as a four-pack)
Light Bulb Moment Shot
This shot is full of amino acids that may support cognitive function and brain performance, which means it’s great for those experiencing post-viral brain fog.
Tranquility Shot
Magnesium and GABA-based, the Tranquility Shot may assist with calming nerves, reducing stress, and relaxing muscles, while keeping you mentally sharp. Tranquility shots are the perfect GABA top-up in between NuCalm sessions.
B12 Shot
Your doctor may recommend B12 if you are anaemic or low in iron. B12 is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in red blood cell formation, energy levels, nerve function, and mood.
Lip-Saver Shot
Lysine and Vitamin C team up to help prevent cold sores during times of stress and low immune function.
Immunity Intravenous Therapy
Immunity IV & NuCalm
With Covid-19 and so many other illnesses lurking about, intravenous therapy is an amazing way to boost your immunity. Packed with vitamin C, B-Complex, amino acids, and Zinc, this infusion may help strengthen your immune system, reduce oxidative stress, and promote neurological function. Keep yourself above the wellness line with intravenous therapy today.
IV Energy/Hangover Helper
& NuCalm
50-minute NuCalm Rescue session and IV therapy, filled with B Complex, Vitamin C, and amino acids in normal saline. The combination of NuCalm and energy-boosting IV therapies is an absolute game changer if you are hungover from the night before, or just need some more bounce in your step for a busy day ahead.