We offer two NuCalm treatments:

Tune your brain the meet the day’s challenges effortlessly.

If you are unsure which NuCalm session is right for you, please contact us via email, phone, or direct message on Instagram.


This is your NuCalm starting point. For deepest recovery. To restore, repair, and for an overall reduction in stress. NuCalm Rescue guides brain waves into the pre-sleep Alpha-Theta range 4-12 Hz, promoting cellular restoration, rebalancing your stress vs. rest response, and optimising recovery. If you have never used NuCalm before, please book an initial consultation.


Power Nap is a masterpiece for the listener and a technological breakthrough for science. The neuroscience in Power Nap has never been done before. The 15 Hz frequency (of the sensorimotor rhythm) has been added to the clinically proven neuroacoustic software physics. It has been entirely composed in the solfeggio healing frequencies of the 7 chakras to balance your energy patterns.
We recommend Power Nap for children or for adults looking for a quick tune-up between Rescue sessions.