While scientific studies have shown cacao can assist with many symptoms and conditions naturally, there are some precautions regarding the compatibility of ceremonial-grade cacao with some health disorders or medications. Purchase of the ceremonial-grade cacao products sold by Geelong Restorative assumes you have read these precautions and take full responsibility for their use.


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If the reshipping is at the fault of GEELONG RESTORATIVE, then GEELONG RESTORATIVE will pay for the item/items to be re-shipped.

The products sold by GEELONG RESTORATIVE are available in a selection of countries.

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If you are able to return the products in their original condition, GEELONG RESTORATIVE may at our own discretion decide to refund you the total of the order on the return of said products and once confirmation of product condition is made.

The user whose name is on the order shall be responsible for any shipping expenses incurred as part of the above process.

If any item in your order is damaged before you receive it or you have received the wrong item, make sure you contact us within 5 days of receiving the product to file a refund/returns claim.