The Benefits of this are Endless

Just drove from Canberra to Torquay and went straight to Geelong Restorative to drop into some sweet Theta waves. Highly recommend if you are flat, stressed, or need a pick-me-up. The benefits of this are endless.


My Body is Recharged and Ready for Anything

I’ve been driving to tutoring and trying to put into words how I feel. There is a quiet, light, yet strong energy within. My body is recharged and ready for anything. It feels like my feathers could not be ruffled by the unexpected — they are plump, shiny, and fabulous. Thanks so much Sally for bringing this to my life.

Shaina S

So Awesome

Just had the most awesome experience with Geelong Restorative. I have been finding the last few weeks I’ve been catching all the colds and sicknesses most likely going around at work. As soon as I saw an IV vitamin drip for immunity, I was sold. While under the IV, Sally put me under her other offering called NuCalm. From what I remember, this little patch puts your nervous system to rest. It’s basically like you’re sleeping. It creates the same brain waves you would experience just before sleep. How restorative for your vessel. I felt deep rest in my body, and to be honest, being in such a deep mode of rest gave me the space to have creative premonitions too. It was so awesome. Will absolutely be making this part of my health routine and deeply believe in Sally’s knowledge and innovative ways.


It was Lush

The setting: a weighted blanket, raised eye mask, rose quartz to hold, essential oils in the air. The science: listening to “music” through earphones for 50 minutes (felt like 20-30. It completely warped my sense of time), dozing and in and out of lucid dreams while my body’s nervous system was reset. Geelong Restorative also does vitamin drips and I’m so keen to try those. Highly recommend.


I Feel So Fresh and My Whole Mood Has Changed

I had the most relaxing session with Sally from Geelong Restorative this week after a couple of weeks of broken sleep and really struggling to fall asleep… Since seeing Sally, I’ve had two full nights of deep sleep. I feel so energised and also back to my normal self again. I would recommend NuCalm to anyone who struggles with sleep. I feel so fresh and my whole mood has changed. I felt safe, relaxed and Sally is so kind. Thanks again for helping this exhausted mum.

Monique C

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

It was freaking amazing. I’m obsessed! I feel rested, calm, and not exhausted with a headache like I usually am. Can’t wait for my next session. Five stars!

Less Tense and More Recovered

I feel way less tense in my body, and much more recovered than usual. I was out like a light when I slept, with no restless leg symptoms like I usually have.

Reiki Master

Big Game Changer

I had a session at Geelong Restorative the other day. I found it hard to switch off my busy mind that day but very quickly my body went into a deeply relaxed state. I had some big emotional shifts. I felt like I was levitating at one point and finished feeling like I’d had a well-rested sleep. This is something I want to do daily/week. So grateful! This is a big game changer that everyone needs to experience.

Natalee M

The Best Start to a Huge Week Ahead

The best start to a huge week ahead. Geelong Restorative uses the World’s first and only, patented neuroscience system clinically proven to reduce stress and improve sleep without drugs.

Emily M

Highly Recommend

I went to Geelong Restorative for a few sessions earlier in the year when my sleep was terrible quality and I hadn’t had my nose surgery to help. I finally had a proper deep, restorative sleep like I hadn’t had in a long time! I highly recommend them – sleep is everything.

Dusty E

I ended up having the most productive day

Recently my days off work have consisted of very little energy and are mostly unproductive. I had been feeling foggy in mind and found myself procrastinating from completing tasks I know I needed to do. Geelong Restorative suggested a Light Bulb Moment and Focus session. I ended up having the most productive day I’ve had in a while, completing all the jobs I’d been avoiding and even more! Life’s just better with Geelong Restorative in it.

Waves of stress and anxiety just streamed out of my body

The day had been frenetic and hadn’t flowed well prior to arriving for the healing with Sally. I was feeling frazzled, anxious, and my nervous system was in overdrive. Once the healing started I could feel waves of stress and anxiety just streaming out of my body and dissipating. It flowed from my body and down past my feet. My body responded by relaxing and feeling more peaceful. I could feel ripples of relaxation flowing through me. Afterwards I felt much more relaxed, my nervous system more balanced, and I had a wonderful restful night’s sleep. It was such an easy way to rebalance and restore, and I would highly recommend.

Healing Medium

The Best Night’s Sleep I have had in a Really Long Time

This is magical! Thank you Geelong Restorative for introducing me to NuCalm. Here is why it was the best sleep for me…NuCalm balances your autonomic nervous system during each session by suspending you in parasympathetic nervous system dominance until you achieve homeostasis. Reach out to my friend Sally to understand more.

Yoga teacher

It Feels Amazing

“This is exactly what I needed… and what the world needs! I felt amazing after the sessions, and I really feel the healing has permeated my life and my body. I think the stress and fear of the last few years during Covid-19 pandemic, the resulting lockdowns and difficulties have really taken toll, and this is exactly what I needed to deal with the trauma. Highly, highly HIGHLY recommend.”


Trauma Healing

“My body has learnt to function on about 2-4 hours sleep due to sexual trauma that happened four years ago. My first night after a Geelong Restorative session, I slept a full night, uninterrupted and without my night terrors… You need to give it a go to truly see the benefits. I was hesitant because of all the remedies and solutions I’d tried that hadn’t worked, but Sal guided me through and proved the worth of the technology on the first session. I’m so happy to have this to help me on my healing journey.”